Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ed Alonzo

Growing up I was a big fan of the television show Saved By the Bell. My sister and I would watch it all of the time. In July I emailed Ed Alonzo asking for an autographed photo. He played the role of Max, the magician/owner of the diner The Max. This February he sent me this BW 8x10 photo of him as his Saved By the Bell character and he also sent me a signed color postcard sized photo of himself.

Carole King

I wrote to Carole King about 3 years ago and never heard back from her. I heard that she'd been out on tour for the past several years and I decided to give her another shot. My parents are a fan of her music so I listened to it a lot growing up. I LOVE her album Tapestry, it's definitely a musical masterpiece. I received this back in January and was really excited about this success! I'm glad to add Carole's signature to my collection. She's a very talented singer and songwriter and I enjoy listening to her music. She sent me this 8x10 BW photo and even took the time to inscribed it to me! :)

Dane Cook

I wasn't expecting this one. I wrote to Dane Cook once via snail mail and then sent another request via email after not hearing back from him. If your a regular reader of my blog you probably already know that I got Dane's autograph already. I guess they must have finally found my snail mail request and he sent me another signed photo (different from the first one I received). But hey I'm not complaining... I LOVE Dane!!!