Friday, May 18, 2007

Randy Meisner

Today's mail brought me another success from an Eagles member, bass guitarist and singer Randy Meisner. I sent out a letter to him recently so it didn't take very long at all for a response. So far, this means I have 2 out of the 7 members (past and present). Hopefully I will be able to "Take It to the Limit" and get the signatures of the other 5 members as well! :p


DonHenleyOnline said...

Hey how did you get his address to write him? I have a friend that would LOVE an autograph from Randy....but we have no clue how to contact him!

Shelley said...

Hi! I found the address on a website that has a lot of celebrity addresses. I have it listed in my links.

The address I used is:
3706 Eureka Dr.
Studio City, CA 91604

Good Luck! :)