Monday, June 12, 2006

Letters Sent...

It's been kind of slow with sucesses recently, because I was away at school and haven't really sent a lot of requests out during the year. I started up again since I returned home last month. Here is a list of people I have sent letters to recently:
  • Bo Bice [Finalist on American Idol- Season 4]
  • Howie Day [Singer; "Collide"]
  • Chris Daughtry [Finalist on American Idol- Season 5]
  • Sidney Sheldon [Creator of 'I Dream Of Jeannie']
  • Jennie Garth [Actress; 'What I Like About You']
  • Pat Sajak & Vanna White ['Wheel of Fortune']
  • Katelyn Tarver [Finalist on American Idol Juniors]

In other news, I received a signed photo back from Mel Stuart today after emailing him last week. However, my mailman folded the envelope when he put it in my mailbox, so the photo has a crease going down it. I also didn't receive a signed replica of the golden ticket like others have. I really wanted that too, so I'm going to send Mr.Stuart another request via snail mail, and include a piece of cardboard to prevent damage. I will post a scan when I receive an undamged photo, and hopefully a golden ticket as well!

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